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Invasive Species

The term “native” is used to describe plants that were growing here before the arrival of Europeans. Exotics are those that do not naturally occur in an area but have been introduced by people.

Many exotic species pose no threat, but some are invasive and grow out of control — displacing native plants which provide food and shelter for an assortment of native wildlife. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to predict if or when a species will become a pest plant (for example, Japanese honeysuckle was planted as an ornamental for 80 years before it escaped cultivation!), but a red flag should run up at any non-native with fleshy fruits dispersed by birds. attempts to make the viewer aware of species which have been found to cause problems in natural areas of the Southeast by labeling that plant as INVASIVE. Some of these plants are a greater threat than others (for more information, explore the links below) but we recommend that they not be planted, expecially near a natural area.

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Invasive Exotic Plants of North Carolina

Download a PDF of an 185-page manual compiled by the North Carolina Department of Transportation.

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Invasive Plant Pest Species of South Carolina

Download a PDF of a 12-page booklet compiled by the Clemson Extension Service, SC-EPPC, SC Forestry Commission, and the US Forest Service.

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